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Call Center & Virtual Office

Call Center

An extension of your business.

A customer has found your website. You have the product and the price they are looking for. They are ready to place an order, but have a question. They pick up the phone and dial the convenient toll-free number listed on your website. It rings. And rings. And rings. Or, perhaps they’ve gotten through to you – but are now on hold. Still holding. Not good. The likelihood of this customer placing an order diminishes by the second. It sounds like a job for the Solid Cactus eCommerce Call Center.

The Solid Cactus eCommerce Call Center becomes an extension of your business. After all, what’s a great business without customer service representatives to help sell your products, resolve customer relationship issues and handle administrative needs? When your customer calls in, they’ll think they are speaking to someone in your office because our representatives are highly trained on your business, your products, your policies and your standards. Put us to work for you!

Call Center Services include:

  • Sales and customer service
  • Virtual Office
  • Live Chat
  • Answering Service