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Custom Features

Custom Templates

Enhanced functionality means increased conversions

And, it’s not just aesthetics. Over the years, Solid Cactus has developed custom, cutting-edge eCommerce store features that change the way customers experience online shopping. Our collection of storefront features build consumer confidence, increase conversions, boost average order size, call attention to items, provide customer service and more.

When you’re considering how to grow your business, think about your customer’s experience. Solid Cactus eCommerce has already raised the bar in what “the basics” are for eCommerce software. Now, you can feel good knowing that you can raise the bar in how your customers use your website and what that does to help you increase revenue and enhance the customer experience.

Learn more about our custom store features and speak with a Solid Cactus representative to take you on a visual tour.

Take a Closer Look
404 Page

Offer users a custom page and message should they land on an outdated page or link. Enhance a typically generic, useless form, and take the opportunity to include a personal touch or continue your site brand. Improve upon customer experience by including a contact form for the customer to inform your as to what they were missing or include a search bar to keep them looking.

Contact Form

Provide customers with an easy way to contact you, in a simple, customizable contact form. With the contact form you will eliminate annoying spam-promoting e-mail links. Guide users as to what information they should submit with with customizable fields. Build customer confidence by landing them on a custom thank you page after submission, assuring them you'll get to them soon.

FAQ Page

Improve customer service with an organized, condensed page offering important store information in one location. Questions are collapsed, making it easy for customers to find the information they're seeking. Once found and clicked, the answer dynamically expands and then collapses when a new question is opened, keeping clutter down just like you're experiencing on this page. See how easy it is!

Flash Banner

Make the most of the space on your homepage by showcasing multiple offers and messages from one prominent location in a JavaSCript based banner. Customers can pause transitions, or continue playing to see more. Each display is different, showing off a sale, promotion, product or area of your store. Banner is sized to custom fit your site, and is easily edited to include timely banners for sales or holiday promotions.

Flyout Assistant

Make important information easy to access and find. With an expanding and retracting tab labeled “Quick Info” customers can access important information, special messages, timely announcements, shipping info, or even an embedded video. Tab will follow as customers scroll down the page, so they can't miss it. Place multiple levels of information within the small area with expanding and collapsing categories.

Free Shipping Coupon Countdown

Increase average order size by tempting customers with the offer of free shipping in a dynamic and unique way. Users are made aware during their shopping experience as to how much more they need to purchase in order to secure free shipping. After adding additional items to their cart customers are updated as to whether they've qualified for the free shipping offer or need to purchase more.

Privacy Policy Popup (Simple text information pop-up)

Provide important information on the item page, such as shipping details, return and exchange policy, etc. The clean, simple pop-up display keeps customers on the page, and offers information quickly. Place anywhere on the page, in product description table, under a contact form or e-mail sign up.

Scratch and Save

Try a unique, exciting way to offer coupon codes to customers with an interactive coupon. This fun coupon is prominently placed on the item page and can be styled to match your page theme. Customers can drag a dime across the scratch off area to reveal their savings discount and code for checkout in a memorable and engaging shopping experience.

Product Scroller

Feature products in a fun to use showcase for best sellers, new items, and more all while taking up less space on your homepage. With a lot of great products to show, and only so much space, a product scroller will contain many featured items in one row. Customers experience more products interactively by clicking the arrows to scroll through. Product price and sale are displayed, just as with featured products.

Tabbed information

Neatly organize your item page details within a tabbed information display on the section, item or homepage. With multiple tabs, you declutter and prevent scroll, while still providing important product details and compelling content.

Rotating Testimonials

Build customer confidence with glowing reviews viewed from within the shell of your site. Share all the positive user experiences one at a time with new visitors, so they get the full picture of your great service. Customers can click a link at any time to view all testimonials or even provide their own.