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Logo Design

Logo Design

Your brand starts here

A logo provides instant brand recognition. It can convey your business’s message. In a way, it IS your business.

A custom logo also allows consistency of your branding across all channels. Your logo should be a part of your entire marketing plan. From a social media avatar to a billboard, your logo design should be scalable and able to be transported easily from medium to medium.

Solid Cactus offers two options with logo design as an add-on to your store design package. First, our design team can develop a custom logo that can be used on your website and beyond. If you have an existing store, our team can create a logo that fits your store’s present design. Or, if you are starting from scratch, oftentimes the logo design can be the inspiration for the complete branding package, website included. While a professional, custom logo design is by far the recommended route, as a second option, do-it-yourselfers may enjoy using the easy logo creator tool from LogoYes. In just a few steps, you can create a logo for your online store.

Either way, your logo should convey professionalism. It’s not about throwing some clip art together with your favorite font; it’s about your brand’s lasting impression.