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Increase conversions with PayPal

The highest converting online stores give shoppers a choice upon checkout. Credit cards and debit cards are the number one payment method of choice for online payment methods. However, 150 million users are registered with PayPal, making it the leading alternative payment provider.

Some users prefer to checkout using PayPal because it’s tied to a checking account or allows them to use funds accumulated in their own PayPal balance. Plus, since PayPal information is saved, users may be able to check out much quicker because they only need their PayPal login – no need to get out a credit card.

But the larger part of the population still prefers standard payment methods, therefore, merchants should not risk alienating shoppers by only offering an alternative method, such as PayPal. Instead, build consumer confidence by accepting both. Solid Cactus eCommerce is PayPal certified and, in fact, its already integrated into the shopping cart. Simply enter your PayPal e-mail address to get started. PayPal can be used on its own, or work together with e-onlinedata or one of the other 50+ payment gateways compatible with Solid Cactus eCommerce.

Accept payments with PayPal:

  • Offer users a choice upon checkout: major credit card, check, PayPal balance
  • Expand customer base by offering alternative payment method
  • Allow registered PayPal users to checkout with ease
  • Easy set-up: PayPal already integrated with shopping cart