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Third Party Integration

Third Party Integration

Streamline your business tools

In order to help you streamline your eCommerce business process as much as possible Solid Cactus eCommerce supports a wide variety of popular third-party applications and systems for customer and product solutions.

Third-party integration can be an asset to your online business. That’s why we allow quick access through our eCommerce interface to allow exporting and importing of customer lists. Many of the top management programs are already integrated into our interface. You simply need to link accounts and you’ll be able to pull information from one to the other automatically.

Third-party integration is a necessity to a complete eCommerce solution. Some services you can’t live without, like Google Analytics in order to have access to complete analytics reporting. Software such as Live Person and PayPal enable customer management solutions that add to the ease of a transaction from the start of an order with LivePerson’s real time, online customer services to PayPal’s payment solutions.

Solid Cactus supports third-party integration with the following management solutions:

  • QuickBooks
  • Google Analytics
  • aMember
  • Virtual Media
  • WordPress
  • v-Tribe
  • LivePerson
  • PayPal