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Analytics & Reports

Analytics Reports

Track business, gain a competitive edge

What you don’t know can, indeed, hurt you. With detailed reporting and analytics capabilities from Solid Cactus eCommerce, you’ll always know how your business is doing and how well your marketing efforts are performing. You have the ability to track all of your ad campaigns – split-tests, email campaigns, and Internet and affiliate ads. Run reports on any of those components, including tests you’ve run on your eCommerce website.

The reporting tools from Solid Cactus eCommerce become increasingly useful when you’re managing multiple affiliates and need the ability to do detailed reporting of products per each program and commission reports. And most important of all, constantly tracking and testing your efforts allows you to know where you stand at all times and provides you the information you need to constantly make changes to your business.

Solid Cactus eCommerce Analytics and Reports integrate easily with Google Analytics providing you even more information you can use to ensure your website and Internet marketing are operating at full potential.

With the reporting and analytical tools from Solid Cactus eCommerce you can:

  • Find out which ads are working
  • Create unlimited ad tracking campaigns
  • Create unlimited split-testing campaigns
  • Track email, Internet, and affiliate ads
  • Test and track links on your website