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October 2010 Updates

The following features and enhancements were released by Solid Cactus eCommerce on October 27, 2010. If you are a Solid Cactus eCommerce merchant, more information on these changes can also be found in your recently updated user guide.

Mail – Test AutoResponder & Broadcast Email
This long awaited feature gives our merchants a simple method to send test autoresponder and broadcast emails.

Broadcast and AR emails.

  • Merchants can specify up to five test group email addresses.
  • Allows test of broadcasts, individual AR messages and AR series to be sent quickly, to receive immediate feedback
  • Skips normal mail queues providing instantaneous results

Category Management

  • This release gives our merchants the ability to display categories as featured.
  • Feature up to 12 categories in the store
  • Add a new merge code for displaying featured categories available on custom pages, category pages and product templates [1sc:category.featured /]
  • Better category control
  • Setup default category display settings as “Grid View” or “List View”
  • Setup default # products to display in “Grid View” or “List View”
  • Hide products from store for special marketing promotions
  • Hide categories from store for special marketing promotions
  • Hide the “All Products” category from the left navigation

Product Attributes Addition
This project item is to provide merchants with a tool to create system wide attributes the can be applied and customized on a product by product basis. These items are different from product options.

  • Add custom product information easily to make a more compelling product catalog.
  • Plug a custom field directly into your product templates to show attributes of your products unique to your business [1sc:product.attribute.attributename /]
  • Allows merchant to enter information that will appear on the store pages, giving customer info:
    • “Shipping Info: Usually ships in 2-5 days”
    • “Packaging: Fragile and will be packaged accordingly”
    • “Brand: Nike”
    • “New Product: Yes”
    • “Return Policy: Item is returnable and subject to restocking fee.”
  • Fields are HTML enabled meaning complete customization, tables, charts, graphics
  • Adds new tabs to product details page “Attributes” and “New page” under Setup
  • Post variables will include all attribute names and values on “thanks” and “thank you” pages following customer purchase
  • API – attribute names and values will be available through API shown on each product
  • New columns added to the “Import/Export” supporting product attributes
  • Max of 100 product attributes/store, which can be shared between products

Gateway Additions

  • Realex added to our list of supported gateways.
  • Skipjack merchants were given the ability to process credit/voids (refunds) without requiring manual entry into SkipJack.

Other improvements:

  • Verbiage update in eProcessing Network setup instructions
  • Verbiage update for the real-time shipping setting when using UPS.
  • This release item adds a link on the third party integration page for Virtual Media’s website.
  • Product URL’s and back end DOBA product improvements
  • Update opt in links in broadcast system.
  • Modifications and updates to product searching, recurring service, notification systems, and administrative editing controls.

To read more about these changes visit the Solid Cactus blog.