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September 2010 Updates

The following features and enhancements were released by Solid Cactus eCommerce on September 22, 2010. If you are a Solid Cactus eCommerce merchant, more information on these changes can also be found in your recently updated user guide.

Multiple Unsubscribe Email
Automatically unsubscribes someone from multiple autoresponders when they subscribe to another different autoresponder. For example, a prospective customer receiving two series of autoresponders makes their first purchase. That purchase adds them to a new autoresponder series, and they are unsubscribed from the old ones.

Updated ‘save as new’
‘Save as new’ product button will now save ALL fields to the new product in this update to product saving functionality. Previously only the product name, SKU, price, sale price and category were saved.

Other changes

  • Update opt in links in broadcast system.
  • Modifications to product searching to alleviate confusion, ei Product Details Custom Search / Export.
  • Media Library upgrade for Cactus Connect users.

To read more about these changes, you can visit the Solid Cactus eCommerce blog.